2014 D.C. Pen Supershow Wish List

Tomorrow I'm going to be headed to the D.C. Pen Supershow! It should turn out to be a great time. Here's what I'm looking for:

Looking For

  • Pen organization help - such as a cigar case or zippered pen case
  • Some Iroshizuku and/or Sailor ink
  • Affordable flex pen
  • Esterbrook nibs or maybe even a new Esterbrook pen.
  • Virginia Tech colored pen(s): I'm always on the lookout for pens with both orange and maroonn since that's quite possibly the best color combination ever!

To Do

  • Spend some time at the ink testing table
  • Check out any nib testing stations, including Sailor (if they have the same one from two years ago)
  • Check out Shawn Newton's handiwork so I can further narrow down which style pen I'm going to have him make me

And last but not least, I'm most excited to meet some of the awesome people I've gotten to know online from the pen community that I can now meet in person! Plus see some other friendly faces.

I'll be at the show on Saturday around 2:00 if you'd like to meet up! (I'm @jjlsetter on Twitter).

Field Notes Shelterwood Edition

The newest colors edition of the Field Notes collection, the Shelterwood Edition was just released today. Boy, oh, boy are these some beautful notebooks. Each individual notebook's cover is made from American Cherry wood with no two covers being alike.

Within about a minute of reading the email, I was pressing the checkout button on their website, as I have a feeling these won't last very long!